About Yunique Exchange

What is yunique exchange?
Yunique exchange is a new trading platform that you can exchange of all crypto currency that are listed in Yunique Exchange, swapping of a token to one another and receiving an airdrop for free.

How To Start Trading On Yunique.io?
First, you need to create an account, then deposit on your account using different currency. After that you can buy or sell crypto currencies using the currency pairs.

Is Yunique.io is Safe To Use?
Yes it is safe, all user must complete the KYC requirements to enhance the security and email verification for every log-in.

Why yunique exchange differ from other exchange?
Yunique is secured, a unique features so that we call it Yunique using atomic swap you can swap your token in an instant and receiving an airdrop for free.

What is atomic swap?
Traders are able to exchange one cryptocurrency to another cryptocurrency that can be conducted off-chain, away from the main blockchain. Atomic swap solves the problem through the use of Hash Time Lock Contract (HTLC). As its name denote, HTLC is a time-bond smart contract between parties that involves the generation of a cryptographic hash function which can be verified between them.

Is it yunique a decentralized exchange?
Yes it is decentralized, no fiat currency involved pure cryptocurrency.

What is yunique token?
Yunique token is the primary trade in Yunique Exchange. You can use the Yunique Token as Trade pair on Yunique Exchange, Advertisement fee, Listing fee,Used for Airdrop,Used for Voting, Withdrawal bonuses and Trade bonuses

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